It is vital to keep an eye on developing locations to further invest and strengthen worldwide business connections. Established firm, Hategan Attorneys, has joined IsFin’s global network as an exclusive partner for those interested in the opportunities offered by the thriving Romanian market. Professor Laurent Marlière, CEO of IsFin, is thrilled to announce the partnership with Hategan Attorneys, a business law firm based in Timișoara, Romania which is also an independent member of Geneva Group International (GGI). They specialize in providing M&A and Corporate Practice Banking, Finance & Private Equity Real Estate, Construction and PPP Practice services. Additionally, the Hategan Foundation allows collaboration with social and community projects focused on Timisoara region.. 

Ioana Hategan, Managing Partner, has positive views of this new endeavour: “IsFin has managed to have some of the best coverages across Europe. While the continent is appealing to investors from Asia and the Middle East, IsFin is also following leads closer to home.” She also notes, “Geographically Timișoara is the door to the Eastern part of Europe. Similarly, Hategan Attorneys opens the door to the emerging Eastern European market. Romania’s thriving economy offers opportunities for investment and business development in both traditional and new economic sectors.”

IsFin’s onboarding focuses on professional firms which have the finest technical capacity, and the vision to handle sophisticated investors from and towards the Romanian region. For this purpose, Hategan is the best positioned firm in the area. Romania offers unique growth within emerging market with attention to detail from purchasing lands, drafting and negotiating undertaking and purchasing contracts, to assist foreign investors interested in acquiring Romanian shares, companies, or partnership opportunities. The firm is an established player in this dynamic market. 

Within Romania Hategan Attorneys means versatility, dynamism and excellence. They have a track record in success from green energy to component development and production, from real estate to IT sector. Branches of multinationals across sectors do well with their guidance. There are numerous, available opportunities for smart investors. With the guidance of Hategan Attorneys the region is a favourable business climate.

About IsFin


IsFin is a global advisory active in 75 countries; it acts as a business facilitator between East and West and has a unique knowledge of the Middle East, African and Asian markets. The organization is supported by a platform composed of the most innovative and highly regarded independent law, audit & accounting firms. It has a deal room offers, off market investment opportunities to clever investors. 

About Hategan Attorneys

Hategan Attorneys is an independent, full-service business law firm located in Timisoara, Romania. Since 2004 their office has provided a thriving environment producing a tailored and integrated range of legal services. Displaying a pragmatic, results-driven approach and commitment to understanding the commercial interests of their clients, they represent interests of businesses in the region for 18 years.