To mark 18 years of activity in the western part of Romania, Hategan Attorneys is organizing an international online conference on the future of business: `DIGITALIZATION: THE NEXT BUSINESS FRONTIER`. The keynote speakers are VIOREL PECA, Head of Unit of Transition and Business Acceleration Services of the EIC European Commission, and Prof. Laurent Marliere, President & CEO, IsFin -Emerging Markets Advisor, Belgium.

Innovation through digital transformation has become imperative. The conference aims to address the way companies, from start-ups to enterprises, are adapting to this new ecosystem. It will offer a twofold perspective: the Brussels-driven policy perspective and the grass-root level Eastern European perspective.

The line-up of speakers includes names from various economic sectors:

  • KEVIN VAN TONDER, Director, Cognia Law, South Africa
  • STEVEN VAN GRONINGEN, Former President & CEO, Raiffeisen Bank Romania
  • IOANA HATEGAN, Founder & Managing Partner, Hategan Attorneys, Romania
  • EMILIOS MARKOU, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Hellas Direct, Cyprus
  • MIHAI TATARAN, General Manager, Avaelgo, Microsoft MVP on Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Regional Director, Romania
  • IONUT TATA, AIceberg, Romania

`The future belongs to companies that can do two things: expand at the international level and integrate digitization in the way they operate. We are really keen on encouraging the business sector which follows these trends. This is the reason we are organizing a conference which debates these aspects.’ declared Ioana Hategan.

The conference takes place on May 10th, between 10.00 – 13.30. Registrations can be made on the conference website:

The conference is organized by Hategan Attorneys (, one of the largest law firms from the Western part of Romania, and ContrActual ( a digital platform for contract management. The event’s main partner is ISFIN, an award winning advisory that accelerates your international business strategy.