Alexandra Burdulea

Alexandra Burdulea

Alexandra has joined the Hategan Team after working for one of the top law firms in Romania. She is specialized in various aspects of the labour law, ranging from day-to-day employment matters to large-scale collective dismissals. In her career, she had the opportunity to be involved in drafting complex commercial contracts for several multinational companies, tailored to their specific business strategy. During her activity, she has also represented one of Romania’s largest banks in successful consumer protection and civil litigations. She is currently studying towards her PhD in International human rights, being involved in several academic and mentoring activities for the law students from the West University of Timisoara.


  • Faculty of Law, West University of Timisoara (2014-2018)
  • Timisoara West University Law School, Master Degree in European Law (2019-2020)
  • Timisoara West University Law School, PhD student – International Law (ongoing)

Practice Areas

Labour and Social Security, Contracts, Insolvency


Romanian, English