Our team working in the practice of real estate and constructions has offered assistance to Romanian subsidiaries of international companies or joint venture partnerships in different construction projects by performing extensive due diligence verifications for purchasing lands, drafting and negotiating undertaking and purchasing contracts, MOU, pre-contracts and unilateral promises for developing real estate projects, offering solutions and answers for the complex problems generated in those projects’ development process.

Furthermore, we offer assistance in obtaining the authorizations needed for building and exploitation, real estate development and restoration of historical monuments, as well as in public-private partnerships and public acquisitions. Within the complex projects of our clients, we offer solutions customized for each project, from assistance in implementing the FIDIC conditions to consultancy in the mining industry or the energy sector.

Significant projects

  • Drafting of transaction agreement and proving assistance in the negotiation held between one of the biggest real estate developers in Timisoara, and one of its lessees
  • Due diligence verifications for a German company – major player in the agricultural field in the Western part of the country – requiring an analysis of all its previous real estate issues, followed by a restructuring of all its contracts
  • Due diligence verifications for purchasing lands and obtaining the required permits for exploitation in the benefit of an important German company active in the road construction industry, the investment added up to 14 mil euro
  • Obtaining for the first time in Romania an authorization issued by the Ministry of Culture in the benefit of a German entrepreneur renowned worldwide, for the purpose of restoring historical buildings by means of a joint venture partnership with another German company active in the engineering industry, legal consultancy for the application of the FIDIC conditions, as well as drafting the building subcontracts and negotiating with the Ministry of Culture the development of one of Timisoara’s most important restoration projects
  • Assisting a German Investment Fund in elaborating the purchasing strategy for a surface of 500 ha agricultural land
  • Assisting a German company active in the agricultural field, with offices all over Germany and Denmark, by performing a due diligence report and assisting the client in concluding the purchase contract for a total value of 2.5 mil euro
  • Due diligence and verifications for one of the most significant Austrian investors in the forestry sector, drafting and negotiating sale purchase agreements. The total value of the investment - 12 mil euro
  • Due diligence and verifications intended for purchasing lands, for obtaining permits, authorizations and building approvals, negotiation of the banking contracts, drafting the contracts concluded with the entrepreneurs and suppliers, legal assistance from the stage when the factory’s building project was on paper to when the project was finalized and the building opened for business – for a significant German investor in the product packing industry
  • Assisting and performing due diligence and verifications for the purchase of exploitation lands and for obtaining the exploitation and building authorizations by a Romanian subsidiary of a German company with activity in the mining industry
  • Assisting an important German company active in the field of industrial building, that concluded a joint venture with a Romanian company, by amending the joint venture contract in order for it to comply with the Romanian legislation in force, and also by offering legal support for the development of each construction stage (drafting contracts and subcontracts, reception for each stage and final reception etc.)
  • Assisting and offering legal consulting services to a major agricultural developer from the Western part of the country, by drafting the purchase and distribution agreements, and also the agricultural lease agreements, implementing a number of measures designed for securing the claims, representing the company before APIA and the local administrative and control authorities
  • Assisting and offering legal consulting services to one of the biggest developers of commercial centres, that implements a project in the Western part of the country, in all the development stages, from the moment of the re-designation of the agricultural land, assistance at the partitioning operation and annexation of the relevant plots, up to the moment when the necessary building authorizations were obtained, and performed Due Diligence verifications regarding the respective land
  • Assisting a German producer of metallic profiles used in constructions, in respect to the distribution contracts used for the Romanian market
  • Assisting a developer of office buildings in drafting and negotiating its lease agreements
  • Assisting one of the most representative producers active in the building materials industry, in restructuring its commercial claims and creating a contractual frame for implementing it in relation to the distributors
  • Drafting pre-contracts for sale-purchase of products, unilateral selling promises and obtaining court rulings that have the role of replacing the sale-purchase contracts, in the benefit of an agricultural investor
  • Drafting joint venture contracts signed by a German partner, specialized in technical assistance for the building industry in respect to the fulfilment of the public interests, and a Romanian developer significant on the local market, in order to develop specific projects regarding local investments of strategic importance, assistance in the procedure of the public auction
  • Assisting an important Italian company in support of the development of a residential ensemble in the Western part of the country
  • Assisting in the process of creating the legal frame of a joint venture partnership between a German company specialized in supplying products, having the know-how upon the quality parameters applicable for American military bases located in Germany, and a Romanian company representative in the building industry, in order to build a NATO military base; legal support for participating at the auction and amending the support documentation
  • Assisting a significant agricultural producer having German origin, in leasing the lands necessary for the investment, assistance and representation of the company before the competent control authorities
  • Assisting a significant German investor in the conclusion of a public – private partnership with the local authorities, regarding the sewerage system of that locality in Timiș and the necessary procedures
  • Assisting and performing Due diligence verifications for several investors in the renewable energy field, having German origin, in connection with projects that have an installed capacity ranged between 1 and 45 MW
  • Several procedures and negotiations, including mediation, for the retrieval of claims resulting from construction and supply agreements for the development of ski areas in total of EUR 12 mil. to the benefit of the world’s leading Austrian ski equipment producer, analysis of the agreements and improvement of the partnership contractual structure and securities in order to ensure the payment of claims
  • Support to an English agricultural developer for the acquisition of 300 ha agricultural land in Mehedinti county, due diligence analysis, support in the pre-emption procedure
  • Assistance for a Swiss company in the land acquisition, public tender procedure, re-designation of the land into construction land and construction of its pastry production plant, required permits and endorsements with an initial value of EUR 8 mil. in Timis county, as well as acquisition of an office building serving as the company’s main headquarters
  • Due diligence, negotiations with the judicial trustee, draft of the binding offer under several conditions precedent based on the issues list, analysis of the fiscal implications of the asset deal and monitoring of the public tender procedure of one of the lead transport companies – presently undergoing the insolvency procedure in the name of another leading Austrian transport company in order to acquire the package of movable and immovable assets from 2 of the company’s main locations
  • Draft of an executive summary regarding the main findings related to several buildings in Iasi city of a German company active in the agricultural field for the purpose of their sale